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Anthony Johnson
08/05/17 08:17:52
Thank you everyone for your fabulous comments and support...
I really appreciate it.
Lara Johnson
05/05/17 09:13:05
Absolutely love your encuastic landscapes - especially the Karoo Landscapes and Cape St Francis - very restful colours yet incredibly moving and emotive paintings to look at. I admire you for creating new ways of working with various mediums - especially how you incorporate so many elements of nature into what you do - and always carrying your unique style throughout your collections. The new Rake Ware collection is incredible too!
Wanda Palinkas
04/05/17 18:49:27
I have been following Anthony's work for a long time and loving the progression of his work and his soul.

Anthony, it is a pleasure to see your evolution and that of your work. The Raku pots are a revelation, especially the cracked one, that to me is a symbol of a new breakthrough and the promise of glorious things to come.

I love your work!

Carol-Ann Carelse
04/05/17 07:50:48
Dear Anthony.
The Karoo Farmhouse/Cape Storm Landscape painting just called out to me. I love....
Stan Blumberg
03/05/17 21:11:49
Great website in the making and I look forward to your creative end product. Your banners are subdued yet bold & extremely appealing.
Your Raku ware images are superb with awesome colour....had me reading up on Raku pottery
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