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Ari de Beer SASC
03/08/17 18:32:31
Intensely interesting
suzette cloete
01/08/17 20:57:19

Thank you for opening a new world, a portal into encaustic art. We enjoyed the workshop tremendously and I am hooked...
Claire Shields
07/06/17 17:37:09
Hello Anthony
Brett Bard has sent me a link to your page. Im absolutley loving your tecniques and style. Id love to come and learn with you. Please let me know when next yoy are teaching or workshopping.
Yours kindly
Magda Burton
03/06/17 12:31:12
Loved the time you spent with me toady!!!
Christo Rossouw
01/06/17 12:50:42
Hi Anthony. Thanks for the meet at our premises. Very pleased to have met you.
Eve Sandler
26/05/17 10:01:54
Thank you, Anthony, for your wonderful support and guidance. Oh, and did I mention? Your work is beautiful!
Bronwyn De klerk
11/05/17 14:46:05
Beautiful work Anthony....especially your Raku bowls.Your paintings also very beautiful.Shall keep in touch.Best Bronwyn.
Anthony Johnson
08/05/17 08:17:52
Thank you everyone for your fabulous comments and support...
I really appreciate it.
Lara Johnson
05/05/17 09:13:05
Absolutely love your encuastic landscapes - especially the Karoo Landscapes and Cape St Francis - very restful colours yet incredibly moving and emotive paintings to look at. I admire you for creating new ways of working with various mediums - especially how you incorporate so many elements of nature into what you do - and always carrying your unique style throughout your collections. The new Rake Ware collection is incredible too!
Wanda Palinkas
04/05/17 18:49:27
I have been following Anthony's work for a long time and loving the progression of his work and his soul.

Anthony, it is a pleasure to see your evolution and that of your work. The Raku pots are a revelation, especially the cracked one, that to me is a symbol of a new breakthrough and the promise of glorious things to come.

I love your work!

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